articles about feminist intersectionality

Giavanna Munafo collected suggestions for article about white feminism and intersectionality. “Also, below, I’ve listed other a few selected materials that I have collected about these matters. I’m not necessarily endorsing them, but I think they present a useful range of perspectives for students to explore/investigate/critique.”


From Kim Case:

  1. An Open Letter to (some) White Feminist Friends: by Indu Viswanathan <>
  2. #myintersections social media campaign created by Dr. Case and her students  <<>>


  1. From Susan Livingston: “intersectionality and pizza” video <<>>


  1. From a Olivia Lapierre:

“As a Multiracial Woman, This Is Why I Need Intersectional Feminism” at <>

(Olivia, not list member, is the author of a recent online article called “Representation Matters” about zero-waste, feminism, and racial justice in Loam Magazine <>)


Other Selected Materials re: Intersectionality

– Intersectionality Literature Review <>

– “Anti-Essentialism and Intersectionality,” Trina Grillo, Berkeley Journal of Gender, Law and Justice <>

– “Why Intersectionality Can’t Wait,” Kimberle Crenshaw, Washington Post (24 September 2015) <>

– “Intersectionality and International Law,” Aisha NicoleDavis, Harvard Human Rights Journal <>

– “’I Would Rather Be a Cyborg Than a Goddess’: Intersectionality, Assemblage, and Affective Politics,” Jasbit Puar,  European Institute for Progressive Cultural Policies (January 2011) <>

– “After Intersectionality,” Robert S. Chang & Jerome McCristal Culp, Jr., UMKC Law Review <>


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