Young Chinese Feminist Tactics

Recent young Chinese feminist tactics
Guangzhou police searched the homes of young feminists in May 2017, suspecting them of printing clothes with slogans against sexual harassment. Diana Fu, author of Mobilizing Without the Masses (2017), interviewed more than 40 new-wave feminists to find out why the government is afraid of these women who support rights that the government supposedly backs. Feminists use performance art protests that get much publicity. Fu found that the government is afraid of large-scale civil rights organizations and networks so activists to engage in small actions to make them appear like individual protests. For example, feminist groups help individual women sue for employment discrimination and help them write press releases. The blog of the group Women Awakening has over 76,000 followers; it’s in Mandarin but you can see photos and slogans in English like “no means no.” Feminist Voices is another group. An effective tactic, feminists shame famous men who suffer from “straight man cancer” such as Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba Group. He said that having children when you’re young is the most important thing to do and praised the end of the one-child policy, although feminists pointed out that employers who don’t want to pay for two maternity leaves discriminate against hiring young women. Another smart tactic, feminists support labor organizations, including those for the more than 280 million migrant workers—over a third of them are women. (This alliance of students and workers fueled the 1989 Tiananmen Square democracy movement.)…/why-is-beijing-afraid-of…/…

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