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Palestinian girl a symbol of resistance, slaps soldiers, is arrested

“The teenager has been involved a number of similar incidents with Israeli soldiers. In a 2015 video clip, she tries to prevent soldiers from making an arrest in Nabi Saleh. In the clip, a soldier attempting to detain a youth who had been throwing rocks is attacked by a number of women, including Tamimi. Ultimately the commander in charge ordered the soldier to release the youth.”


The world’s youngest national leader is 31 and Austrian

The world’s youngest national leader is Austrian Prime Minister Sebastian Kurz, age 31, the head of the anti-immigrant right-wing People’s Party. He tried to volunteer for the party when he was 16 but they wanted him to wait until he was older when he did become the leader of the youth wing. He said, “That experience left me with the idea that politics should actually be something where everyone can participate.”

films about “Women in Revolt”

An interesting filmography: Topics in a list of films about “Women In Revolt” include rebels like the Indian Gulabi Gang, Mossane about a Senegalese teen who rejects an arranged marriage, and Mustang’s Turkish sisters. (I’ve seen the latter and recommend it.)


Rooney Elmi, “Ten Films that Explore What a Woman in Revolt Looks Like,”, March 8, 2017.

article on Republican Tax Plan Declares War on Higher Ed

Teens Work for ERA

Six teenage girls were shocked to learn in their seventh grade English class that the ERA still wasn’t law. They decided to take action because “We don’t want to live in the world when we get older where women are not respected enough to be considered equals,” calling themselves the Yellow Roses. in 2016 they phoned “Women’s Issues” staffers in the 15 state governments that didn’t ratify the ERA before the original 1982 deadline: Nine of the staffers said they would support the amendment.