Egyptian Women’s Groups

Egyptian Women’s Groups–

Suggestions for other groups?

Association for Egyptian Female Lawyers (AEFL).
Cairo Center for Development and Law.
Center for Egyptian Women’s Legal Assistance (CEWLA).
Daughter of the Earth Association.
Egyptian Female Lawyers Foundation for Women’s Rights in Cairo.
Egyptian Foundation for Family Development.
Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR).
ElNadeem Center for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Victims of Violence and Torture

Forum for Women in Development.
Mother Association for Rights and Development (MARD).
New Woman Foundation (NWF)
Promising Voices Organization for Human Rights and Participatory Development.
Salema for Women’s Empowerment.
Women and Memory Forum (WMF)

The Egyptian Women’s Federation (a coalition of 15 organisations)

The National Front for Egypt’s Women

The Association for the Development and Enhancement of Women

The Egyptian Foundation for Family Development

Institute for Gender and Women’s Studies
The American University in Cairo

Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights—Gender and Women’s Rights

Egyptian Feminist Union

Egyptian Center for Women’s Rights

Ccenter for Egyptian Women’s Legal Assistance

Arab Women’s Alliance

Hawa’a Future Association

The Egyptian Association for Comprehensive Development

Al-Saud Association for Development

Egyptian Union of Local People’s Councils

My Mother of Rights and Development Association

The international African Union for Women

Al Ezza for Social Assistance

Writers’ Union of Egypt

International union of African Women Egyptian

Fustat International Association

Nazra for Feminist Studies

Women’s Development Association

Harrass Map Egypt

The New Woman Foundation

Egyptian Centre for Women’s Rights

Forum for Women in Development (FWID)

The Arab Women’s Solidarity Association

Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies (CIHRS)

Alliance for Arab Women

Arab Women And Value System
Arab Women Solidarity Association

Cairo Family Planning Association

Egyptian Organisation for Human Rights

Egyptian Women Association

The General Department of Women’s Affairs
Ministry of Social Affairs

A Dictionary of the Revolution


The Legal Research and Resource Center for Human Rights

The National Council for Women

New Woman Research Center

BuSSy, a woman’s storytelling group






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