Anti-Poverty Program Led by 27-year-old Mayor, Stockton, CA

A current urban poverty program is underway in Stockton, California, where the 27-year-old mayor, Michael Tubbs, started a universal basic income pilot program. One hundred residents receive $500 a month checks for up to 18 months, funded by the Economic Security Project. Tubbs said, “My hope is that it will create such a buzz at the state and national level we’d have to have a conversation about expanding it to everyone, no matter what city they live in.”[i] He was raised in poverty by a single African American mother but earned a scholarship to Stanford University. Tubbs also backs the Advance Peace program that provides mentors and stipends to rehabilitate violent criminals and organized an NGO called Reinvent Stockton Foundation.

[i] Alex Langone, “Why This 27-Year-Old Mayor is Giving His City’s Poorest Residents $500 a Month,’ TIME Money, April 17, 2018.

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