Video interviews with activists, including youth, by Gayle Kimball

United States


*California feminist activist:


*Feminist health activists:


*A Mexican teenage feminist:


*GLBT activists:


*Feminist Visions of the Future:


*Social justice research by first year students:


*Men’s Changing Roles:


*Envionmental activists in Louisiana and Lanai:


*Climate change activist:


*First graders advocate saving the Rain Forests:


*Dealing with racism:


*Native American activist:


*Asian American activists:


*An undocumenter Dreamer:


*Counselors and a student explain how to develop resilience in the face of adversity:


*Occupy activist:


*The political views of Generation Z students in the US, India and Turkey:



*Pakistani feminists:


*The Gezi Park Uprising in Istanbul as explained by a Turkish partipant:


*The Greek Sintagma Square demonstrations in Athens:


*Nosostros social center in Athens:


*Jerome Roos, a Dutch activist and editor of ROAR Magazine discusses how to change the neoliberal system:


*French activism:


*Egyptian activists:


*Impressions of Finland by a Chinese student:


*A Swedish college student:


*South African teen activist:


*An Ethiopian medical student:


*A Chinese student discusses lack of freedom:


*South Koreans criticize the education system:

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