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Young Women’s Activism in India and around the world

Read about Indian young women’s issues and activism in “Brave: Young Women’s Global Revolution.” The ebooks are affordable: Vol. 1 is about global themes and Vol. 2 is about regions with a chapter on India. Also comment on “Sexism in Indian Universities” Facebook page. You might also be interested in my ebook “Resist! Goals and Tactics for Changemakers.” Thanks, Gayle Kimball

Reich Trusts Millennials’ Vote in November

Model local government programs

or go to YouTube and search “Gayle Kimball”

Two candidates and two professors discuss what city and state governments can do for their constitutents. Sonia Aery is a candidate for California State Assembly and Scott Huber is running for Chico City Council. LaDona Knigge is a Geography Professor and Craig Scarpelli is a Political Science Professor at California State University Chico. On September 13 we discussed model programs and priorities for government action, including housing and the environment.

“Resist! Goals and Tactics for Changemakers” provides more models and tactics; available for $10 on Amazon and other ebook platforms.

Obama Foundation Scholarship–Activists apply

We’re searching for our next class of Obama Fellows, and the application deadline is coming up fast.

Do you know a community-minded rising star who should apply? Or have you been considering it yourself? If so, then this weekend is the time to get those applications in—it’s the perfect way to spend a Sunday!

The 2019 Obama Fellowship application deadline is 11:59 PM CDT on September 18, 2018, just three days away. Please don’t hesitate to encourage potential candidates to apply, or apply yourself.