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Answers to Kids’ Deep Questions in Photos–book now available

Kids’ Deep Questions Answered in Photos by Gayle Kimball, Ph.D>

Now available on Amazon, etc. as an ebook or print

Since a  photograph is worth a 1,000 words, this book uses images to spark family discussion of important questions on the minds of young people. Dr. Kimball added brief comments to initiate thinking process about the meaning of life! Questions covered in the book include what is the purpose of life, why are there so many religions, what is happiness, why is there inequality, what happens after death, what’s the Big Bang, why is climate changing, and what is success?

The author started asking open-ended questions of young people in 2002 and eventually surveyed or interviewed over 4,000 students from 88 countries, as reported on in a series of books. They want to know why we’re here and what happens after death, as well as questions about our world from a science and social science point of view.  She found them to be very caring about helping other people. Now young children are taking a lead in advocating environmentalism to stop climate change and are asking deep questions.deepfrontcover

Latin American Progressive Students on Education

The 18th Congress of Latin American and Caribbean Students is being held in Caracas, Venezuela which will deliberate on struggles against neoliberal education. 

The XVIII Latin American and Caribbean Student Congress (CLAE) is being held in Venezuela’s capital city Caracas from Monday to May 25. The congress will see the participation of 4,000 young people.

The National Experimental University of Security is serving as the venue for the event where delegates from almost 38 international universities will come together to analyze issues of struggle for free, emancipatory, and anti-imperialist education.

Mirthia Brossad, the President of the Continental Latin American and Caribbean Student Organization (OCLAE), told Prensa Latina that choosing Venezuela as the host country was a political decision.

“We will defend the importance of the continental unity of the left, in the face of direct attacks by the government of the United States and its geostrategic allies,” Brossad said.

The conference and participation of the progressive youth demonstrate the intention and responsibility of preserving the revolutionary process.

Brossad also urged the international community to learn about the true situation in Venezuela and not be fooled by manipulation and aggressive campaigns by the U.S. which aim to overthrow the democratically elected President Nicolas Maduro and support opposition lawmaker Juan Guaido who illegally proclaimed himself as the “interim president” of the country.

In the last Congress, which was held in Cuba, people agreed on confronting neoliberal policies in the continent’s educational system.

Brossard also said that as part of the CLAE sessions attendees will exchange the reality of young people who are currently fighting against neoliberal states, such as in Brazil, which are attacking the right to education.

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