Trump’s developmental stage?

What child development stage has temper tantrums, is focused on self, does wishful thinking instead of analytical thinking, would rather see pictures than words, just wants to play games and watch TV, lacks impulse control, calls people names like nasty and looser, short attention span, lies often, has a very limited vocabulary, repeats often, doesn’t often use complete sentences, doesn’t think ahead, is easily distracted, and thinks he’s charming?


I presented these traits to a child development professor who replied:

from a social/emotional development perspective, it sounds a bit like a child in the 3-5 age range. Issues with autonomy and initiative  and self control. Egocentricity  is a common problem and therefore has poor recognition of impact on others. Telling lies is common in people trying to protect there own self-concept (think bragging in older people). This child will be very difficult to raise and will require an understanding adult  caregiver.
This article looks at Trump as an antisocial narcissist”

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