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non-binary gender thought questions

Non-binary gender thought questions


From an autistic observer (

The stubborn rationality of Autistic people also helps explain, I think, why so many of us are transgender, nonbinary, or gender non-conforming. Gender roles. and gender assignment, are nonsensical. Every society in existence pairs a ton of rigid, arbitrary expectations on people because of their genitals — from the kinds of clothing they can wear, to the ways they’re allowed to sit, to the jobs they’re expected to be good at, to how their voices ought to lilt when they speak. Autistic people can see how bullshitty those rules are, and are more apt to refuse to follow them. I don’t think a greater percentage of Autistic people are trans, necessarily — I think, though, that we’re far more likely to be out.

  1. Progressive groups often start meetings asking participants their preferred gender pronoun. When did that start, why, what are your pronouns?
  2. A little about your bio in terms of being raised in gender-binary heterosexual-dominant culture.
  3. Gender is socialized. Radical feminists envisioned a society where anatomy doesn’t determine anything, as in The Dialects of Sex (1970) by Shulamith Firestone. Marge Peircy’s Woman on the Edge of Time (1976) used “per” instead of he or she (Swedes use “hen.” Birth was done in machines, with three parents.


Non-binary gender is legal in Canada, Germany, Austria, India, Oregon and California.



Gender nonconforming

Gender queer



Androgyny: Sandra Bem’s Sex Role Inventory androgynous people are the most flexible.

Third gender (indigenous bardesh and two spirit, and Indian


Gender bending as in androgynous-looking bands in Japan, North Korea, and China

Gender neutrality as in Yoruba people in Nigeria who have a gender free language—age is the category.



  1. What about the physiology of gender? How much of our sexual orientation is determined, how much socialized? See the article “Your Default Brain is Female,” Taylor Mitchell Brown, June 26, 2018.

Xx, xy  men have larger hippocamus involved in spatial reasoning

Women have larger locus coeruleus more cautious

  1. Do you think same-sex relationships are more likely to be egalitarian?

There’s usually a fight in the feminist movement about groups that feel excluded, like the lavender menace. Lately it’s trans women feeling left out—should distinguish between sex and gender. Also, conservative states have tried to use bathroom use as a wedge issue. Transgender studies is developing, following Queer Theory and studies.



Test your knowledge of Gen Z slang

Test your Knowledge of Gen. Z slang by Associated Students, CSUChico

  1. This word means to be unnecessarily dramatic and over the top.___________________


  1. ______________is a word used at the end of a sentence, meant to add emphasis to a point that has been made.


  1. This word has two common definitions, the first refers to when someone is wearing something that is very fashionable or looks good. The second refers to the process of supporting an insult against someone who has lost an argument.__________________


  1. When using the word “WIG” this means: (circle the correct answer) Something that is boring                  b. Something that is amazing                        c. Something that is over the top          d. Something that is frustrating


  1. Unlike the British version which means attractive, in the U.S._______________ is just a shortened version for outfit.


  1. This word can be used in place for these words: “OK, YES, WATCH, WE’LL SEE”



  1. “Fire” is used to refer to something that is: (circle an answer)
  2. Boring Frustrating        c. Cool         d. Fast


  1. ____________ means to lie about something whereas ___________ means to tell the truth.


  1. When someone illustrates sneaky actions toward someone or something, it is throwing ______________


  1. As a noun this word means the thing that is being shown off itself. As a verb this word means to knowingly flaunt and show off. ________________________




Match these words with their definition

a.    is a variation of “look”, a signature physical trait

b.    for when you’re sincerely or assertively into something

c.    can be used to encourage a choice or support a rant or ridiculous behavior that’s already occurred

d.    an adjective to describe when something amazing, exciting, high energy or otherwise great

e.    means slightly, secretly, modesty, or discretely

  1. Go Off ___________
  2. Lewk ____________
  3. Lit ______________
  4. Lowkey __________
  5. Highkey __________



  1. Being “SALTY” is all of the following expect : (circle an answer)
  2. upset   bitter        c. annoyed        d. angry


  1. ___________ is to do really well or succeed at something


  1. If someone is “_________” they’re affected by something, usually negatively and very emotionally


  1. This word is a noun for an overzealous and obsessive fan, and an verb meaning that kind of fan ___________________


  1. ___________ is gossip and is also used when one is agreeing with a point someone has just said.


  1. Someone who is overly eager and desperate is _______________________










Answer Key

  1. Extra
  2. Periodt
  3. Snatched
  4. Something that is Amazing
  5. Fit
  6. Bet
  7. Cool
  8. Cap/ No Cap
  9. Shade
  10. Flex
  11. C
  12. A
  13. D
  14. E
  15. B
  16. Angry
  17. Slay
  18. Shook
  19. Stan
  20. Tea
  21. Thirsty

Sports team protest police violence against Blacks

George Hill is hardly the biggest star in professional basketball. But he was the one who took the lead when a handful of players on the Milwaukee Bucks began talking about the police shooting of Jacob Blake a few days earlier in Wisconsin.

The players, led by Hill, implored their teammates not to play in their playoff game on Wednesday, believing they had a responsibility to make a statement about the how the police treat Black people.

What they envisioned — a one game, on-the-fly protest — instead inspired one of the broadest political statements across sports leagues that the United States had ever seen: walkouts involving hundreds of athletes in professional men’s and women’s basketball, baseball and soccer, as well as one of the world’s biggest tennis stars.

LeBron James, basketball’s most famous athlete, said on Twitter that change “happens with action and needs to happen NOW!” President Trump, who had previously attacked the league and had publicly sparred with James, who plays for the Los Angeles Lakers, said people were “a little tired of the N.B.A.”

More baseball, hockey and basketball games were called off on Thursday, along with football practices and other events as athletes urged greater focus on conversations about racism and police brutality.

Basketball players, especially women, have been at the forefront of discussions and demonstrations about social injustice for years.


Several N.B.A. and W.N.B.A. players have increased their social justice efforts in recent months. James and other top athletes formed More Than a Vote to protect voting rights and reach out to Black voters. Stephen Curry, the Golden State Warriors guard, appeared in a video at the Democratic National Convention in support of Joseph R. Biden Jr., the party’s presidential nominee. Renee Montgomery, who plays for the W.N.B.A.’s Atlanta Dream, skipped the season altogether to focus on social justice efforts.

Recently, the entire Atlanta team and others in the league publicly endorsed an opponent of Senator Kelly Loeffler, a Republican from Georgia who is a co-owner of the Dream, because she criticized the Black Lives Matter movement and the W.N.B.A. players’ social activism.

1 in 10 US students English-learners

More than 1 in 10 of the nation’s approximately 50 million public school students speak a native language other than English, according to the latest federal data. Roughly 3 in 4 of these English learners speak Spanish.

The percentage of U.S. students who are learning how to speak English has grown significantly in recent years, rising from 8% in fall of 2000 to 10% by 2017, the data indicate.

Researchers have found that attending dual-language programs, where instructional time is split between English and another language (oftentimes Spanish), attended by both native and non-native English speakers, help children become bilingual. But only 35 states offered these programs, according to the Department of Education’s latest data.

Without those opportunities, English learners tend to stop being fluent in their first language when they reach high school and miss out on all the benefits of becoming bilingual students.

coronavirus on campus–26,000 cases in the US vs. Germany

As US college students and professors return to campus in the midst of a pandemic, coronavirus cases are turning up by the thousands.

A New York Times survey of more than 1,500 American colleges and universities — including every four-year public institution, every private college that competes in N.C.A.A. sports and others that identified cases — has revealed at least 26,000 cases and 64 deaths since the pandemic began.

11 year old Palestinian rapper gets in political trouble Aug. 23, 2020,

— When the 11-year-old schoolboy from Gaza posted a video of himself rapping the lyrics of one of his favorite artists, he never expected it would make him famous or get him in trouble. It did both.

The video of Abdel Rahman al-Shantti rapping in front of his Gaza City school in confident English and flawless hip-hop attitude won him more than a million views and praise from famous rappers around the world. “I would like to spread love between us and Israel,” he told an interviewer from a Russian news outlet. “There’s no reason for fighting and wars. We need to let this relationship become better and better.”

older people’s climate movement vs. youth climate action

  • A giant building boom is what successful climate action looks like. That means jobs. Jobs younger people want and will be better prepared to take up.
  • Young people have a massive self-interest in pushing that boom to happen as fast as possible — a self-interest every bit as strong (and far more ethical) as the self-interest that older people pursue through gradualism and delay.
  • As young people become more and more powerful in the climate movement, fault lines are going to open. Those cracks are visible now. Older leaders are just in the habit of ignoring them.
  • The climate movement of the 2020s will be fierce and focused on building the new world we need.