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Climate Girls Saving Our World book

Dr. Gayle Kimball’s book ““Climate Girls Saving Our World” will be available as an affordable print and e-book in January. Young women’s voices are featured in interviews with 54 activists from 30 countries, and the book includes climate change facts and solutions.

Consider for a text in Women’s Studies, Global Studies, Girlhood Studies, Environmental Science, etc.

College Students Organize Mutual Aid

Across the country, students have created mutual aid networks: raising and redistributing tens of thousands of dollars to help their peers cover housing, medical costs, food and other essentials. Generally, students send in requests for small amounts of money, and network organizers will send them the funds using payment apps like Venmo.

Ms. Tallapragada at Rice was one of several students who said they started their networks based on the advice of Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who wrote a 12-page mutual aid manual with the activist Mariame Kaba, and tweeted about it in March. “Myself and a lot of other college students at different colleges have been referencing that tool kit,” Ms. Tallapragada said.

Ethnic Studies in High Schools

Issues in Progressive Organizing: Climate Girl Activists Comment in “Climate Girls Saving Our World”

How to Get Tasks Done without Hierarchy

The climate groups organize and communicate in online platforms like Slack and Zoom, aiming for consensus decision-making. Some use the hand signs used since the anti-globalization movement against neoliberal economics (in the 1980s and 90s) to signal approval, disapproval, technical point, etc. The groups were smaller than I expected, especially in Stockholm where Sasha commented, “I think we’ve had a lot of difficulty in getting the word out because not everyone knows who we are in Stockholm.” If you have a team of 15, you’re golden, said Lily, a Sunrise activist in the US. Teens need to learn not to have to ask for permission, she added. In larger organizations, smaller task groups with a coordinator do specific tasks, as explained in the snowflake model of organizing.[i] XR relies on task groups with two coordinators, one for internal communication and one for external connections, aiming to also have fun.

            As usual in progressive groups, they struggle with how to be efficient and keep meetings on task. As Winston Churchill said, “Democracy is the worst form of government except for all those other forms.” Since the Second Wave of the women’s movement, strong leaders are suspect, as explored by Jo Freeman’s classic article “The Tyranny of Structurelessness.” Grace (US) read her article as seen in her statement that,

I have been in organizations that claim to be “flat” and I’m putting that in quotes because I write essays about how when an organization claims to be flat, what emerges is a shadow hierarchy. There are people in charge with more power than others, but because it’s not named you can deny its existence. There’s no accountability, no transparency and things can get very bad.

In Stockholm, Sophia commented, “We have no leaders as we are all equals in this. We do have different responsibilities.” In Australia, Varsha reported, “The idea of whether we need to be democratic or whether we need hierarchy seems to be the real point of contention in our group.” Sasha (Russia) raised the question,

An issue among progressive organizers globally is how do we get things done but avoid a hierarchy of bosses telling people what to do. We’ve been discussing this a lot and I think its an issue in a lot of groups. FFF doesn’t have structure. We claim to be horizontal but often have people who want to control and be bossy. You really need to put a lot of work into the organizing structure because otherwise it becomes a big mess.

This theme is also explored by Annika (Germany): “There are hierarchies definitely. We try not to have them but that’s just not true. We don’t say that we have it, but it’s something normal that builds up because some people take responsibility, especially when you have such a big movement as in Germany.” Sophia (Canada) implies: “ I definitely show up to every meeting and definitely try to facilitate the meetings, but that doesn’t mean that I’m the leader of the group because everyone has their own ideas.” Her mother commented, “She probably didn’t see that herself because she’s just a kid, but she does do a lot of the leading.” (By the way, it never occurred to me that the activists were “just kids” because they’re so informed and articulate, with the exception of an 11 year old.)

Charlotte (UK) commented, “It’s hard to find the balance because obviously we’re not hierarchical but you have to have somebody lead in a way. In Youth Strikes there are a few of us who show up monthly and we definitely are leading it. There has to be a facilitator. The Youth Strikes people are really angry about having organizers and having people in charge; we were getting Instagram messages about it.”

            Sunrise Movement stands out as paying attention to structure and has national leaders. Lily (US) explained, “The attention to historical learning and structure-building, using groups like Momentum training institute,  is one of the reasons we’ve been so successful.” There’s a strong national group to coordinate and provide training  in “Sunrise School” for the local hubs, and College Leadership Program, led by Gen Y spokeswoman Varshini Prakash.


Useful Books for Kids and Youth

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Gen Z Harry Potter fans self-insert videos on TikTok

Gen Z Harry Potter fans self-insert videos on TikTok

many Harry Potter fans finding comfort and an escape from the pandemic with TikTok

Self-insert videos also offer young fans, many of whom grew up with Harry Potter, comfort and escapism during the pandemic. After online classes, they can go to a potions lesson. Separated from their usual social lives, they can befriend other Potterheads on TikTok. And queer people and people of color, who have been notably marginalized in the Harry Potter universe, can finally become protagonists in the stories they’ve long adored.