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Children’s Trust suit against climate change


The lawsuit, filed by Our Children’s Trust in 2015, relies on a novel legal strategy that has yielded victories for climate activists seeking sweeping policy change in other countries. The federal government, under both the Obama and Trump administrations, and the fossil fuel industry have repeatedly sought to have the case dismissed. But federal judges have so far upheld the plaintiffs’ right to a hearing, which means the case could come to trial as early as November.


increasing air pollution kills kids

A 2016 UNICEF “Clear the Air” report said air pollution kills about 600,000 children under age five each year and contributes to respiratory problems like asthma impacts the development of children’s lungs; the problem is getting in low-income areas and nations.[i] Over one billion children live in homes were solid fuels are used in cooking and heating. The report concludes that reducing air pollution is one of the most important steps we can take for children.

“Clear the Air for Children,” UNICEF, October 201.

[i] “Clear the Air for Children,” UNICEF, October 201.

local action for the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

The Sustainable Development Goals passed in 2015 were followed up with a Youth Action Mapper app where youth activists report on local progress.

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global youth environmentalists

The Pollination Project provides seed grants to young environmental activists, partnered with Levi Strauss & Co. and Earth Island Institute’s New Leaders Initiative. Young grant recipients planted fruit trees for the community in Kenya and school gardens in Malawi, and created an orangutan habitat in Indonesia. In India, youth organized a recycling project in villages in India with no garbage sites and distributed leftover food from universities to hungry people. Rooftop gardens flourished in Tripoli, Lebanon. A Google Science Fair motivated Kiara Nirghin, age 16, to invent an antidote for her drought-stricken country of South Africa.[i] She mixed orange peels and avocado skins to polymer to store water.

[i] Bryan Smith, “16-Year-Old South African kiara nirghin Wins the Gloogle Science Fair’s Community Impact Award,” BWTHBLOG, August 15, 2016.

16-year old South African Kiara Nirghin wins the Google Science Fair’s Community Impact Award