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Teens Work for ERA

Six teenage girls were shocked to learn in their seventh grade English class that the ERA still wasn’t law. They decided to take action because “We don’t want to live in the world when we get older where women are not respected enough to be considered equals,” calling themselves the Yellow Roses. in 2016 they phoned “Women’s Issues” staffers in the 15 state governments that didn’t ratify the ERA before the original 1982 deadline: Nine of the staffers said they would support the amendment.


Teenage Girls Interested in Politics Now

The election of Trump as President sparked the interest of teenage girls in becoming politicians, according to Anne Moses, the president of IGNITE: Political Power in Every Young Woman, a national organization to teach political skills to girls. Moses reported the girls are doing voter outreach, running for boards and school offices, and organizing locally around issues that concern them.[i] One of girls, Tazeen Ulhaque, a high school sophomore in Phoenix, who opposes hateful extremists, said, “I don’t want to phone bank. I’d rather trail blaze.”(Running Start is another group to “bring young women to politics.”)

[i] Amrita Vetticaden, “After 2016 Election, Girls Ready to Break Politics’ Glass Ceiling,” Women’s eNews Teen Voices, March 30, 2017.

youth activist toolkit from SPARK

<> announces SPARK AGENDA
<>, a FREE online toolkit for youth
activists created in collaboration with Wales-based activist Emma Renold
AGENDA offers a wide range of tactics, examples, and supportive
instructions and each action strategy has additional information and
extended examples specific to sexual violence prevention.