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19, Argentinian female, youngest lawmaker in Latin America

OCTOBER 30, 2019

A Fearless 19-Year-Old Abortion Advocate Just Became the Youngest Lawmaker in Latin America

“With sensitivity, sisterhood, and gathering together, we’re going to knock it all down.”

Ofelia Fernández, an uncompromising student leader, has captured the imagination of people beyond her native Argentina. On Monday, she won her campaign for the Buenos Aires legislature, becoming the youngest lawmaker in the city’s history.

“Is the political system ready for us to enter?” the Washington Post quoted 19-year-old Fernández as asking hordes of young supporters at a campaign event several weeks ago. “The answer is, ‘I don’t care because we will force our way in.’”


A Fearless 19-Year-Old Abortion Advocate Just Became the Youngest Lawmaker in Latin America

“Answers to Kids’ Deep Questions in Photos” review


Reviewed By Emily-Jane Hills Orford for Readers’ Favorite

“What is the purpose of life?”
“How do we know what’s real and not real?”
“Why is there so much unfairness in the world?”
“Where do babies come from?”

Children ask the most intriguing questions. Some are very basic, simple really. Others require deep thought and intense regard as to how to answer them in a way they might understand. It’s often said that pictures are worth a thousand words. So, perhaps using pictures, awesome photographs, can help explain and answer some of the more difficult questions. Like the question, “What is God?” is answered with spiral images, beautiful photographs of spirals: the spiral pattern of a rose opening to full bloom (looking from the top of the flower), the spiral pattern of a seashell, or spiral patterns found in the universe. This is a complex question, but, if one is a believer, one understands the significance of the photographs and the images chosen. God is infinite. But, “God is also patterns in the universe.”

Gayle Kimball’s fascinating book, Answers to Kids’ Deep Questions in Photos, is a unique way to help young people to open their minds and explore, to encourage young people to ask more questions. The questions chosen for this book range from the meaning of life, the beginning of life, what happens after death, to current political concerns like climate change and how we can make things in the world fairer. I like the way the photographs and the verbal answers leave open room for further questions and the possibility of making each question a focal point for discussion. A wonderful way to share questions and answers that are relevant, not just to children, but people of all ages.

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