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Free instructional feminist videos on changing gender roles, visions of the future, etc.

Feminist Visions of the Future


The Changing Family


Men’s Changing Roles


Dual-Earner Families


These videos were produced at CSUChico in the early 1980s.


Also on Gayle Kimball’s YouTube channel, recent interviews with young women activists, women politicians, etc.

Hong Kong Democracy Activists have a new anthem “Raise the Umbrella”

Lo Hiu Pan, who composed “Raise the Umbrella,” said on Thursday that while his song benefited from the work with celebrity singers, a new song did not have to be a poppy ballad fit for the mainstream to become popular in Hong Kong. Just speaking to the political experience of the moment is enough to catch fire and connect people, he said, adding that he thought “Glory to Hong Kong” was “powerful.”

“Sometimes a photo, comic or a song can spread out the message even more usefully than a long article,” he said.

Youth Day August 12

Youth Day is 12 August!

World Pulse suggests: The greatest force for global change is growing up before our eyes. This Youth Day speak out in support of your daughters, your nieces, and girls everywhere. Let’s ensure that the voices of our future are poised to lead and thrive.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Write a letter to a girl in your life—or to your younger self. What advice would you give her?
  • Are you an advocate for girls? Tell us about your work, your successes, and your challenges.
  • Share a story about the challenges girls in your community face, and how we might address them.