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Judge Amy Coney Barrett is anti-feminist

Barrett is an ambitious conservative woman who has been able to thrive in this anti-feminist mold. She signed a 2015 letter affirming her support for the Catholic Church’s conservative teachings “on the dignity of the human person and the value of human life from conception to natural death; on the meaning of human sexuality, the significance of sexual difference and the complementarity of men and women; on openness to life and the gift of motherhood; and on marriage and family founded on the indissoluble commitment of a man and a woman.” Those teachings, the letter said, “promote women’s flourishing.”

Empowering children and environmentalism in Bogata, Colombia

Anny Bertoli, Italian, studying in New Zealand, is the translator Darling Lorena Molina Ramirez, Bogota, Colombia is a mentor to children, including involving them in soccer clubs, and is an environmental activist. She also discusses feminist issues.

sexism in China


By Vivian Wang

  • Sept. 20, 2020
  • A TV Drama on China’s Fight With Covid-19 Draws Ire Over Its Depiction of Women



The scene came seven minutes into a new Chinese-government-sponsored television drama, so short that it would have been easy to miss: The head of a bus company in Wuhan, the city where the coronavirus outbreak began, asks his drivers if they are willing to make emergency runs during the city’s lockdown. A line of volunteers forms. None are women.

That roughly minute-long clip has set off a furor on Chinese social media. Users have called the scene — in which the official then asks why no women have stepped up — a flagrant example of sexism in Chinese society and an attempt to erase women’s contributions to the fight against the virus. In reality, women made up the majority of front-line workers during the crisis, according to the official news media.

By Sunday, a hashtag about that segment, which aired on Thursday, had been viewed more than 140 million times. Tens of thousands of people had called for the show to be taken off the air.

The uproar reflects lingering tensions even as China emerges from an outbreak that sickened many, cratered its economy and upended the daily lives of hundreds of millions of people. Still-simmering tensions include cynicism about the Chinese government’s efforts to rewrite the narrative of the outbreak, disillusionment about the silencing of dissenting accounts and anger toward persistent discrimination against women, both during the crisis and more broadly.

This is not the first time that women’s treatment while fighting the virus has set off public anger. In February, an official newspaper shared a video of female medics having their heads shaved before heading to Wuhan, ostensibly for a better fit for protective gear. The newspaper called the women “the most beautiful warriors.” Many people who saw the video said the women were crying, and viewers accused the government of using women’s bodies as propaganda. The video was ultimately deleted.

Other female medical workers said their supervisors rebuked them when they asked for help obtaining tampons or pads when goods in Wuhan became increasingly hard to obtain.

In response to the show, social media users quickly began sharing screenshots of the state media reports of female participation in the epidemic response. Many also began using the hashtag “Request that ‘Heroes in Harm’s Way’ Stop Airing.” A poll that asked whether the show should be canceled received more than 91,000 “yes” votes, with about 6,800 votes for “no.”

The initial outrage provoked by the bus driver scene also set off other condemnations of the show. Du Keye, a doctor in Wuhan, wrote on Weibo that the show was medically inaccurate, often depicting nurses without proper medical gear or performing chest compressions incorrectly. The show is fictional, he wrote, but accuracy is important because the show was intended to commemorate a momentous event in the country’s history.

French Feminist Poster Paris v. Domestic Abuse

By Constant Méheut

Feminists Paper Paris With Stark Posters Decrying Domestic Abuse

A widespread but illegal campaign by a group calling itself “the Gluers” uses posters to denounce violence against women. It has become an effective — and ubiquitous — tool to raise awareness.

PARIS — On a recent mild night, a squad of four young women wandered through a peaceful neighborhood in eastern Paris, armed with a bucket of glue, a paintbrush and backpacks loaded with posters.

non-binary gender thought questions

Non-binary gender thought questions


From an autistic observer (

The stubborn rationality of Autistic people also helps explain, I think, why so many of us are transgender, nonbinary, or gender non-conforming. Gender roles. and gender assignment, are nonsensical. Every society in existence pairs a ton of rigid, arbitrary expectations on people because of their genitals — from the kinds of clothing they can wear, to the ways they’re allowed to sit, to the jobs they’re expected to be good at, to how their voices ought to lilt when they speak. Autistic people can see how bullshitty those rules are, and are more apt to refuse to follow them. I don’t think a greater percentage of Autistic people are trans, necessarily — I think, though, that we’re far more likely to be out.

  1. Progressive groups often start meetings asking participants their preferred gender pronoun. When did that start, why, what are your pronouns?
  2. A little about your bio in terms of being raised in gender-binary heterosexual-dominant culture.
  3. Gender is socialized. Radical feminists envisioned a society where anatomy doesn’t determine anything, as in The Dialects of Sex (1970) by Shulamith Firestone. Marge Peircy’s Woman on the Edge of Time (1976) used “per” instead of he or she (Swedes use “hen.” Birth was done in machines, with three parents.


Non-binary gender is legal in Canada, Germany, Austria, India, Oregon and California.



Gender nonconforming

Gender queer



Androgyny: Sandra Bem’s Sex Role Inventory androgynous people are the most flexible.

Third gender (indigenous bardesh and two spirit, and Indian


Gender bending as in androgynous-looking bands in Japan, North Korea, and China

Gender neutrality as in Yoruba people in Nigeria who have a gender free language—age is the category.



  1. What about the physiology of gender? How much of our sexual orientation is determined, how much socialized? See the article “Your Default Brain is Female,” Taylor Mitchell Brown, June 26, 2018.

Xx, xy  men have larger hippocamus involved in spatial reasoning

Women have larger locus coeruleus more cautious

  1. Do you think same-sex relationships are more likely to be egalitarian?

There’s usually a fight in the feminist movement about groups that feel excluded, like the lavender menace. Lately it’s trans women feeling left out—should distinguish between sex and gender. Also, conservative states have tried to use bathroom use as a wedge issue. Transgender studies is developing, following Queer Theory and studies.