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sexism in India–comment

As women, we are often told to sit properly, eat less, talk less, smile but not too loud, act coy, be mysterious, not speak out our minds, actually, not have minds at all, not have male friends and definitely not boyfriends, be sincerely religious, have patience, not step out of homes, not be feminists, and blah blah blah. The list is endless, ” writes Zainab Ahmed, a YKA User.

While the Constitution grants equal status to every citizen of India, regardless of gender, sex, class, and caste, somehow, it seems like this doesn’t apply to women. Women have to get used to hearing ‘no’ more than being given the space to say ‘no’.

We want to hear from you, and how you battled everything that the patriarchy threw at you!

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Mexican women strike against violence

By Paulina Villegas and Kirk Semple

  • 26, 2020

MEXICO CITY — No women in offices or schools. No women in restaurants or stores. No women on public transportation, in cars or on the street.

A country without women, for one day.

That’s the vision of an alliance of feminist groups in Mexico that — fueled by the rising violence against women and girls, including two horrific murders that appalled the nation this month — have called for a 24-hour strike by the country’s female population on March 9.

The action is to protest gender-based violence, inequality and the culture of machismo, and to demand greater support for women’s rights. Promoted under the hashtag #UNDÍASINNOSOTRAS, A Day Without Us, it has gained extraordinary momentum across this country of more than 120 million, with wide-ranging buy-in from the public and private sectors, civic groups, religious leaders and many, if not most, women.

The support has cut across the boundaries of class, ethnicity, wealth and politics that fracture this nation, and has given organizers hope that this might be not just a monumental event but also a watershed moment in the modern history of Mexico.