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Priscillia Ludosky, 33, a leader in the French yellow vest movement

The “Yellow Vest” Priscillia Ludosky Lunches with the Financial Times

One of the initiators of the movement claims to help prepare ” something big ” for the first anniversary.

By Le Figaro

Nearly a year after the start of the “yellow vests” movement, one of her initiators, Priscillia Ludosky, gave an interview to the Financial Times , the iconic British business newspaper. She goes back on this protestation which was inscribed in the duration, and which allowed ” the people to leave the solitude and to share their problems “.

” I would not say it’s a success, but it has changed a lot ,” she says in her “Lunch With” page. ” People helped each other, there was a great movement of solidarity and fraternity, which no longer existed in France because we are caught in the troubles of everyday life .” According to her, the mobilization would also have allowed to many people who traditionally have no access to ” express themselves in the media and put forward their point of view “.

The one who will be 34 years old on November 4th and the reporter of the newspaper found themselves in a shopping center of Seine-et-Marne.

Priscillia Ludosky contributed to the emergence of the yellow vests movement by launching an online petition against the increase in the price of petrol which brought together more than one million signatures in the second half of 2018, before to call the first demonstration on November 17, 2018.

As we approach the first anniversary of this date, which marked a turning point in Emmanuel Macron’s five-year term, Priscillia Ludosky claims to be helping to prepare ” something of great magnitude ” for November 17, 2019, and is considering establishing, for the long term, a ” citizens ‘ lobby ” to highlight issues that it believes are not in the public interest.

” The idea is to create a network throughout France to mobilize people on completely neglected issues ,” she says. ” I have often heard people complaining that everyone does not care about problems at the departmental level. Some suffer from extremely serious unemployment. Elsewhere, air pollution makes everyone sick. In Carcassonne, arsenic contaminates the earth and water. ” She says that during her meetings, she had the opportunity to meet many people from foreign countries, who told her how much the movement of yellow vests inspired them. ” They tell me ‘we watch what you do, we take you as an example to face our problems,’ ” she says.

19, Argentinian female, youngest lawmaker in Latin America

OCTOBER 30, 2019

A Fearless 19-Year-Old Abortion Advocate Just Became the Youngest Lawmaker in Latin America

“With sensitivity, sisterhood, and gathering together, we’re going to knock it all down.”

Ofelia Fernández, an uncompromising student leader, has captured the imagination of people beyond her native Argentina. On Monday, she won her campaign for the Buenos Aires legislature, becoming the youngest lawmaker in the city’s history.

“Is the political system ready for us to enter?” the Washington Post quoted 19-year-old Fernández as asking hordes of young supporters at a campaign event several weeks ago. “The answer is, ‘I don’t care because we will force our way in.’”


A Fearless 19-Year-Old Abortion Advocate Just Became the Youngest Lawmaker in Latin America

Suggest Young Women Climate Leaders for my book

I’d like to Skype interview for a book-in-progress about young women climate activists, with  follow-up interviews over time. We would both edit the transcript to morph it into a book chapter.


Interviews with other youth activists are on my YouTube channel


I’m the author of these pertinent books:

Brave: The Global Girls’ Revolution (Equality Press) Vol. 1 Global Issues, Vol. 2 Regional Activism

Your Mindful Guide to Academic Success: Prevent Burnout (Equality Press)

Ageism in Youth Studies: Generation Maligned (Cambridge Scholars Publishing)

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My background is I developed/chaired the Women’s Studies Program at California State University Chico. I also do intuitive energy work, dance, garden, travel.


Please let me know when are good times for you to Skype with me. I’m in California.


Many thanks, Gayle Kimball, Ph.D.