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How Global Youth Values Will Change Our Future

New book by Gayle Kimball:
How Global Youth Values Will Change Our Future
Please ask your library to order from Cambridge Scholars in the UK.
Chapter 1: A Global Generation
Youth Characteristics; Academic Ageism; Get to Know Eva, Abel, Sahar and Yuan; Glocal Hybrid Youth Culture; Global Media Influence, Global Tends Shaping Our Future; How Youth Will Change the Future
Chapter 2 Generation Gap
Teenaging of Culture vs. War on Kids; Academics’ Viewpoint; A Current Generation Gap? Helicopter Parents Push School Success; What Youths Think About Adults
Chapter 3 Traditional Values
Critics of Modern Values and Stress; Traditional Rural vs. Modern Urban Values; Conflicting Values; Respect for Elders; Traditional Values in First Generation Immigrant Youth; Youth More Family-Focused
Chapter 4 Modern Values
Morally Lax and Relativistic?; Cultural Developmental Stages Change Values; Individualism vs. Collective Values; Modern Cultural Creatives; Values in Traditional Muslim Countries; Youth Value Education, Service and Career But Are Anxious
Chapter 5 Religious Beliefs
Religious Beliefs; Questions About God; Life Purpose; Meaning of Suffering; Youth Participation in Organized Religions: Comments about Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Taoism, Islam, Judaism and Animism; Spirituality

Mexico: Interviews with Young People in Sonora

Mexico, November 2016

Video interviews with young people:


My impressions of Mexicans I meet in Guaymus, San Carlos and Hermosillo in November 2016 was they’re more present emotionally than people in the US, less shut down in their interactions with strangers. For example, one of my group of three had passport problems in Hermosillo and wasn’t allowed to board the plane. We went to rent a car to the border and the supervisor, around age 30, volunteered to drive us. When we couldn’t find a rental care agency open in Nogales, Lupe volunteered to drive us to the Tucson airport where we could rent a car to drive to Phoenix for our flight home. She only asked for gas money, but of course I thanked her appropriately. With Jed translating her answers to my questions about youth issues, she said the main problem is the bad education system. Corrupt officials syphon off money to schools, teachers can buy a position and not teach, and some teachers accept bribes to change student grades, etc. I heard from many that parents who can afford it send their children to private schools, but Lupe said there’s no large scale movement for education reform other than President Enrique Pena Nieto’s move to require teachers to take competency tests. Rosa told me that the tests were so difficult and not relevant that another version will be used in January 2017. Most people I talked with judged Pena Nieto to be corrupt and tied in with the narco gangs.

Lupe said another problem is young people want to grow up too fast and lack respect for authority, unlike when she was a teen and it just took a look from a parent to correct undesirable behavior. Parents would spank if the child persisted. She blames the youth attitude problem on less cohesive families as more women work outside the home, leading to less time with grandmothers and mothers. Abraham, 26, said in our video interview that his generation is different from older ones in that they don’t want to get married and settle down in their early 20s. Unmarried, he thinks 30 is a more reasonable age after traveling and enjoying his freedom.

About gender roles, Lupe said that machismo is still prevalent, even among men her husband’s age. Her husband helps with family work but reserves some decisions for the head of the household. A US expat told me it’s common for men to have mistresses and have children with them– his finance is one of those women. Lupe said the reputation of feminists is that they are promiscuous and wear sexy clothes. However, Ana Karina, age 16, said in our video interview that she became a feminist as a young girl when her mother wouldn’t let her play with her male cousins. Her mother doesn’t want her to date boys until she’s 18, so she spends time with friends cooking and eating. She’s also an avid reader and book collector who wants to teach literature. A 14-year-old said in our interview that she would like to be a teacher of young children. When asked about differences in her generation, she repeated the global answer of their technological knowledge.

Attempted coup in Turkey, correction to CNN coverage

I flew out of Ataturk Airport a week before the recent bombing, after doing research for my book on global youth activism. Zakaria said that Erdogan is secular. One bit of evidence he gave was women aren’t allowed to wear headscarves in universities and public buildings. That’s no longer true, they can wear what they want. He didn’t mention Erdogan’s campaign to turn public schools into Islamic schools, which is a profound shift away from secularism. I watched CNN for hours yesterday and didn’t hear anyone mention the president’s extreme sexism. Women I talked with in Turkey are very angry that he said a woman who doesn’t give birth is half a woman, women should give birth to at least three children, women’s place is in the home because their main role is motherhood, they shouldn’t wear red lipstick, etc. His government is mainly male. Turks refer to him as the Sultan or Dictator.

how to save on airfare

To search multiple airlines at once, there’s Google Flights, which has simple calendars that allow users to easily see if they can save by flying a day or two earlier or later. The tool offers tips to that end. During a recent flight search for New York to Cancún, a message appeared saying that if I adjusted the travel dates by a few days, I could save $246. While the site has international and domestic flight information for nearly every airline, you won’t find Southwest there, so be sure to look at the airline’s own fare calendar on its website.
To keep abreast of private sales and low fares (as well as hotel deals), you can search or sign up for alerts on Email alerts include low fares for a particular route that interests you, or all of the affordable round-trip flights departing from your local airport.

Because prices are constantly fluctuating, keep checking airline websites and Google Flights to see the latest fares. The ticket price you see before lunch may be different a couple of hours later.

Even after you buy a ticket, you still have a chance to save. If you go to, you can sign up to receive free notifications if your ticket price drops.…/07/tra…/cheap-flights-expedia.html…