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Trump’s developmental stage?

What child development stage has temper tantrums, is focused on self, does wishful thinking instead of analytical thinking, would rather see pictures than words, just wants to play games and watch TV, lacks impulse control, calls people names like nasty and looser, short attention span, lies often, has a very limited vocabulary, repeats often, doesn’t often use complete sentences, doesn’t think ahead, is easily distracted, and thinks he’s charming?


I presented these traits to a child development professor who replied:

from a social/emotional development perspective, it sounds a bit like a child in the 3-5 age range. Issues with autonomy and initiative  and self control. Egocentricity  is a common problem and therefore has poor recognition of impact on others. Telling lies is common in people trying to protect there own self-concept (think bragging in older people). This child will be very difficult to raise and will require an understanding adult  caregiver.
This article looks at Trump as an antisocial narcissist”

June 7 wear orange for gun control

June 7th — marks the fifth National Gun Violence Prevention Day, also recognized as #WearOrange Day. We’re joining the #WearOrange movement with fellow gun violence prevention organizations to honor all those we have lost and continue to push for the change this country needs to keep people like Hadiya safe.
The March For Our Lives was the largest protest against gun violence in history. But youth activists and other organizations began rallying against this epidemic long before we marched in Washington. By joining this movement and taking action together, we can continue to make a lasting impact on our society.

US youth lean liberal

Over all, 59 percent of people 18 to 24 say they’re Democrats, compared with 33 percent who say they’re Republicans, according to an Upshot analysis of Pew Research Center data over the last year. Even young people who self-identify as Republicans, another Pew survey found, say they hold more liberal views than older Republicans on a wide range of issues — including race relations, the causes of climate change and the involvement of government in people’s lives. The youngest Republican voters who supported Mitt Romney in 2012 were the most likely to abandon Mr. Trump in 2016.

The youngest white voters are more evenly split between parties. About half of whites ages 18 to 24 say they’re Republicans. They favored Mr. Trump in the presidential election, but those who turned out in the midterm elections very narrowly backed Democrats, according to preliminary data from Catalist, a Democratic data firm. And only 39 percent of 18-to-24-year-old whites approve of Mr. Trump, the Pew data shows.


Also, this next generation (those born after the mid-1990s, the so-called Generation Z) will be the first in which nearly half of the electorate is nonwhite — a group that overwhelmingly votes Democratic.

Reading Vickie Ward’s Kushner, Inc. about Jaranka I learned they both are as unscrupulous as their rich fathers about making even more money, although they were Democrats and had some awareness of climate change. She used public appearances to sell her product lines, such as the pink dress she wore to the Republican convention. He was 3rd tier in his high school so peers were shocked when Harvard accepted him. Daddy gave $2 million. She comes in to her White House office (she originally didn’t plan a space for the First Lady) around 10 am after getting her hair and makeup done and putting on a new designer dress. Ward  says Ivanka wants to be president, in a kind of Bush dynasty plan. I don’t think appearance is going to get her there, do you?