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Young Armenians Oust President in 3 Weeks

In 2018 large demonstrations and strikes featuring young Armenians ousted their president in only three weeks. Young people grew up without communism and learned about democracy on the Internet. These young tech experts used messaging apps to coordinate the demonstrations and blocked traffic by organizing streams of pedestrians at street crossings and pushing trash bins and vehicles on streets. They empty streets were an invitation to do folk dancing. The leader of the protests, Nikol Pashinian, (age 42) became prime minister. He explained about civil disobedience, “I understood the best way to prevent violence is to be nonviolent” and told the police they were friends. He promised to reform the country’s political and economic systems in a “velvet revolution.” Pashinian is hopeful because, “if we were able to do the impossible, that means we will be able to do the difficult.”[i]

[i] Neil MacFarquhar, “He Was a Protester a Month Ago,” New York Times, May 8, 2018.