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Turkish girls can marry at 9?

“Turkey’s directorate of religious affairs has declared that Islamic law allows girls to marry at age 9, prompting outrage on social media and calls for a parliamentary inquiry from the country’s main opposition party. The Diyanet, a government body that employs all of the country’s imams, provides Quranic training for children, and drafts weekly sermons that are delivered at the country’s 85,000 mosques, had issued a statement on its website claiming that Islamic law dictates that adolescence begins for girls at age 9 — and that girls who had reached the age of adolescence had the right to marry.

The Diyanet has claimed that its intention was merely to define a contentious point of Islamic law and that the declaration would not change the country’s minimum age of marriage — typically 17 years of age, although exceptions can be granted for those who are age 16. Secular critics, however, have suggested that the move is clearly intended to encourage child marriage by pointing to the widespread use of unofficial religious weddings that often involve underage participants, the recent passage of a law that allows Muslim clerics to conduct civil marriages, and the grim reality that an estimated third of all legal marriages in the country already involve girls under the age of 18.”


Child Marriage in India

Women in the World reports:

“An Indian soap opera has been kicked off the air after viewers complained that the show glorified child marriage. One recent storyline on Pehredar Piya Ki (or Husband’s Guard) involved a 10-year-old boy marrying a 19-year-old woman. This scenario touched a nerve in India, where child marriage remains widespread, though it is illegal. The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting asked for a review of the soap, and on Monday, Sony Entertainment Television said it had pulled the program off air.”

Ending Child Marriage

Theresa Kachindamoto is a female chief making strides in her community in central Malawi having annulled reportedly more than 300 child marriages in June alone, and close to 850 child marriages over the past three years.


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