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Half of US college students lack food security

About half of all US college students lack food security, with students of color, first generation students, former foster youth, and LGBT students most at risk.[i]

[i] “Hunger on Campus,” National Student Campaign Against Hunger and Homelessness, October 2016.


Illiterate Pakistanis Need Your Help

Need a tax deduction and your good deed for the day? I started a literacy project for illiterate villagers in Pakistan. It has one of the lowest literacy rates in the world. College students go out to villages to teach students of various ages. No admin. costs. Please help with supplies and travel costs and a stipend for the teachers.

Literacy project in NW Pakistan: http://opendoorsliteracyproject.weebly.com.


http://drive.anniebs.org/cause/open-doors-literacy-project/ or

Mail your donation to

North Valley Community Foundation

240 Main St. #260

Chico, CA  95928