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Coping in Difficult Times


Watch for my “CALM: How to Thrive in Challenging Times” ebook and print, available soon.

See interview with therapist Katy Luallen on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xTnZMBpABcI

She advises when a “fire alarm” goes off in the back of the brain that feels afraid, put your attention on the prefrontal cortex behind the forehead asking it to act as a rational filter. Ask, “Am I safe now?” (It helps to put your hand on the forehead.) Moving your body by exercising and being outside are especially effective because al lot of anxiety and trauma occurs when we’re stuck and feel powerless. Just the act of moving tells the brain, ”I’m not stuck. I have a way of moving though this.” Putting your feet on the ground literally helps get grounded. (My personal coping reaction to any upset is to take a walk.)  Overall, she suggests that we practice kindness to ourselves and others, being grateful for the people doing the hard work to keep us healthy, and recognize that the earth is saying “You’ve got to take a break.” Pollution definitely diminished during the pandemic.

[i] https://brainspotting.com

Free instructional feminist videos on changing gender roles, visions of the future, etc.

Feminist Visions of the Future https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5sJszKFyJ08&t=52s


The Changing Family https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-QLXwtlxLBE


Men’s Changing Roles https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OdYjjkN11dA


Dual-Earner Families https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zwlkudBDeVQ&t=73s


These videos were produced at CSUChico in the early 1980s.


Also on Gayle Kimball’s YouTube channel, recent interviews with young women activists, women politicians, etc.

Award for “Brave: Young Women’s Global Revolution”

This book has been selected as a 2018 Nautilus Award Winner.

Title:  Brave: Young Women’s Global Revolution, Vol. 1

Author:  Gayle Kimball, PhD

Publisher:  Equality Press, AK Press

Award:      SILVER  

Category:      WOMEN  [29]

We are deeply glad to welcome you to the honored and respected group of Nautilus Book Award Winners. You can be justly proud of your book’s selection as an Award Winner in the 2018 Nautilus season, which brought a marvelous number of entries and a magnificent diversity of high-quality book

Table of Contents

Volume 1 Themes

Chapter 1 The Future is Female

Young Women’s Aspirations, What Motivates a Young Activist? Young Women Leaders, Why so Brave? Media Influence on Girls, Anti-Neoliberal  Inequality, Young Women’s Activist Tactics, United Nations and Governments Stimulate Equality, Is the Future Female? Young Men’s Issues and Viewpoints


Chapter 2 Global Desire for Equality

Equality is Desired Globally, Females More Egalitarian, Claims that Women Leaders are More Peaceful, Women Politicians Make a Difference, Maternal Qualities Idealized as Compassionate Leadership, Women are Better Leaders? Do Women Organize Differently than Men? Existing Models of Feminist Societies, Opposition to Prejudice, How to Increase Women’s Influence on Government


Chapter 3 Global Status of Young Women

Inequality, Rural vs. Urban Sex Roles, Feminization of Poverty, Education is the Key, Health Issues, Violence Against Women


Chapter 4  Consumerism Targets “Girl Power”

Consumer Youth Religion?; Teen Identity Through Consumption; Social Unrest from Rising Expectations; How Youth Are Manipulated by Multinational Corporations; Negative Consequences of Consumerism; Youth Views about Materialism and Getting Rich; Traditional and Modern Beliefs: Moving Towards the Middle


Chapter 5 Global Media Both Helps and Inhibits Girls

Global Media is Pervasive and Changes Attitudes, Digital Divide, Teachers Compare their Generation With Their Students,

Indian Media, Mobile Phones and Social Media, The Internet Creates Global Youth Culture, Global Media Sells Consumerism, Media Addiction Creates Dumb Zombies, Media Exposure Makes Youth Opinionated and Brave, Hollywood Films Provide Global Activist Symbols, Media Facilitates Activism, Campaigns Against Sexualization of Girls, Covering Women’s News



Volume 2 Regions

Chapter 1 Feminist Waves in the West

Feminist Wave History, Second Wave Feminists, Second Wave Created Women’s Studies, Inequality Persists, Generation Gap, Third Wave Response, Rejection of Feminism? Fourth Wave, Women of Color,  US Recent Feminist Actions


Chapter 2 Women and Development

Girls and Women’s Importance in Development, Transnational Feminism Opposes Neoliberalism, Post-Colonial Feminists and Development, Feminist Development Organizations


Chapter 3 Latin American Horizontalism

Latin American Young Women’s Issues, Poverty, Cuba, Mexico, Venezuela, Chile, Brazil


Chapter 4 The African Way

African Values, Poverty and Development, Health Issues, Education, Women’s Movements, Young Women Feminists


Chapter 5 Brave Women in Muslim Countries

The Middle East Background, The Most Gender Equal Arab Nations,

Women and Islam, Feminist Activists, Women’s Role in Recent Uprisings

Iran, Tunisia, Yemen, Libya, Bahrain, Morocco, Kurdish Rojava in Northern Syria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia


Chapter 6 Egypt’s 18-Day Revolution

Traditional Male Dominance; Education; A Pioneering Feminist: Dr. Nawal El Saadawi’s Egyptian Union for Women; Precursors to Women Revolutionaries of 2011; Young Women in the 2011 Revolution; After the Revolution; Sexual Harassment is Common; Recent Feminism


Chapter 7  Russia Turns to Glamour

Traditional Gender Roles, Consumerism and Glamour, Putin Teaches Youth to be Nationalistic, Attitudes Towards Feminism, Female Rebels Against Putin

Chapter 8 China Fears Feminists

Maoist Marxism, Traditional Beliefs, China’s Gender Issues, Rural vs. Urban Youth Issues, Youth Issues in an Era of Change from Maoism to Capitalism, Current Chinese Issues, Recent Feminism


Chapter 9  India’s Grassroots Feminism

Youth Issues, The Gap Between Urban and Rural, Violence Against Girls and Women, The Impact of Religion on Gender Roles, Changing Sex Roles, Youth Activism in Politics, Feminism

Other Books by the Author

50/50 Marriage (Beacon Press)

50/50 Parenting (Lexington Books)

Ed. Women’s Culture (Scarecrow Press)

Ed. Women’s Culture Revisited. (Scarecrow Press)

The Religious Ideas of Harriet Beecher Stowe (Edwin Mellen Press)

 Essential Energy Tools book and 3 videos. (Equality Press)

21st Century Families: Blueprints for Family-Friendly Workplaces,

Schools and Governments. (Equality Press)

The Teen Trip: The Complete Resource Guide (Equality Press)

Ed. Everything You Need to Know to Succeed After College (Equality


How to Survive Your Parents’ Divorce (Equality Press)

Ed., Quick Healthy Recipes: Literacy Fundraiser (Equality Press)

Your Questions About Love and Family (Equality Press)

Your Questions About Mental and Physical Health (Equality Press)

Your Mindful Guide to Academic Success: Beat Burnout (Equality Press)

Ageism in Youth Studies: A Maligned Generation (Cambridge Scholars Publishing)

Global Youth Values Transforming Our Future (Cambridge Scholars Press)

Goals and Tactics for Changemakers (Equality Press)

Brave: Young Women’s Global Revolution (Equality Press)

In Process

Democracy Uprisings Led by Global Youth

Visionary Scientists








Video of 3rd Women’s March on Chico

The YouTube channel includes interviews with global youth, Visionary Scientists, and panels on “Ask Dr. Gayle” KZFR 90.1 monthly radio show, as well as swing dances.

The video includes a talk by Ali Meders-Knight about local indigenous issues.

How Global Youth Values Will Change Our Future

New book by Gayle Kimball:
How Global Youth Values Will Change Our Future
Please ask your library to order from Cambridge Scholars in the UK.
Chapter 1: A Global Generation
Youth Characteristics; Academic Ageism; Get to Know Eva, Abel, Sahar and Yuan; Glocal Hybrid Youth Culture; Global Media Influence, Global Tends Shaping Our Future; How Youth Will Change the Future
Chapter 2 Generation Gap
Teenaging of Culture vs. War on Kids; Academics’ Viewpoint; A Current Generation Gap? Helicopter Parents Push School Success; What Youths Think About Adults
Chapter 3 Traditional Values
Critics of Modern Values and Stress; Traditional Rural vs. Modern Urban Values; Conflicting Values; Respect for Elders; Traditional Values in First Generation Immigrant Youth; Youth More Family-Focused
Chapter 4 Modern Values
Morally Lax and Relativistic?; Cultural Developmental Stages Change Values; Individualism vs. Collective Values; Modern Cultural Creatives; Values in Traditional Muslim Countries; Youth Value Education, Service and Career But Are Anxious
Chapter 5 Religious Beliefs
Religious Beliefs; Questions About God; Life Purpose; Meaning of Suffering; Youth Participation in Organized Religions: Comments about Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Taoism, Islam, Judaism and Animism; Spirituality

Books about Global Youth by Gayle Kimball and 4,000 youths

Ageism in Youth Studies: Generation Maligned (Cambridge Scholars Press)

How Global Youth Values Will Transform Our Future (Cambridge Scholars Press)

Brave: Young Women’s Global Revolution (Volumes 1 and 2, Equality Press from AK Press)

Your Mindful Guide to Academic Success: Beat Burnout (Equality Press)

For contents, email the author gkimball@csuchico.edu

speaker and consultant on global youth

What’s on the minds of global youth
How global youth are transforming our future
Youth-led recent uprisings
Academic success
Stress management
Women’s Studies
Gayle Kimball, Ph.D, is the author of
a dozen books, many of which explore groups under-represented in research, such
as youth. Professor Emerita at California State University, she has travelled
around the world to interview young people for her book series about recent global
youth uprisings, young women’s issues, ageism in youth studies, and goals and tactics for changemaking. Your Mindful Guide to Academic Success: Beat Burnout is a recent book that includes physical and emotional health, stress management, and resilience as well as study skills.
See photos and video interviews:
*Around 100 video interviews with global youth: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheGlobalyouth
*Literacy project in NW Pakistan: http://opendoorsliteracyproject.weebly.com.
*Twitter @gaylehkimball

Davis and Kimball help organize Women’s March on Chico

Women’s March in Chico will mirror those in Sacramento, Washington

By Heather Hacking, Chico Enterprise-Record

Posted: 01/19/17

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On the day of the event, see live videos and a live blog at live.chicoer.com and Facebook.com/ChicoER.

Chico >> People in Butte County will be piling into buses this week and heading out in caravans for the women’s marches in Washington, D.C., and Sacramento.

Even more will be packing a rain parka and heading to the Women’s March in downtown Chico.

The local event will include a gathering in City Plaza at 10 a.m., followed by a march through the downtown area starting at 10:30 a.m. About 30 speakers will begin at noon back at the plaza.

“We have a lineup of incredible women from diverse backgrounds,” said one of the event’s organizers, Tracy Davis. The commonality is that all felt “threatened and alienated,” Davis said.

The march is “in response to the rhetoric and dehumanization and threats that so many have felt from this last election cycle,” Davis said. “Women, women of color, the disabled, immigrants, were threatened and abused. This is a response from women across the nation.

“We won’t stand for this.”

The marches tie in with inauguration day for Donald Trump, who will be sworn in as the 45th American president Friday.

Equally motivated to hold a gathering timed to the inauguration was Gayle Kimball, who sought a permit for Saturday in City Plaza. When she found out Davis had reserved the city’s gathering spot, she joined Davis as a co-organizer.

“Two days after Trump won in the electoral college I felt viscerally sick,” Kimball said.

She said the silver lining was that people were organizing and the election might “compel a lot of activism,” Kimball said.

She worked at Chico State University in the past and connected with people who work in gender and sexual equality issues. Others in the community who want to have a voice include people who work in reproductive health issues, she continued.

The march is called the “Women’s March,” but its about all people, both women stressed.

“I think the main goal is to unify people around the country in confirming we are committed to all the things Trump has attacked,” Kimball said. “It’s a statement of unity. Also a goal is to let people know there is a broad support for progressive goals and values, and not to be discouraged.”

She urged people to read “Indivisible,” written by former congressional staffers as a “practical guide for resisting the Trump agenda,” www.indivisibleguide.com. The 26-page document urges people to work together and to communicate with their members of Congress, Kimball said.


“It’s important to support people who will be marginalized and harmed by the new administration’s policies,” she said.

For Kimball, one of her strong concerns is for the planet as a whole. Some of the policies she foresees coming from the nation’s capitol “would be disastrous” for the earth.

The march is just the beginning, she said. What is needed is a “coalition that is vigilant about proposed legislation that will harm people.”

Kimball also urged people to get connected with Norcal Progressives for the 99% on Facebook, join a cause, join a group, make a difference.

She said people are already upset and motivated. Bringing people together will help people who feel “isolated and marginalized.”

Saturday’s forecast calls for rain. The march will proceed in the rain and churches downtown have granted use of their facilities if the weather forces the speakers indoors, she said.

Meanwhile, many from the area are heading off to the state or national capital. Mary Wallmark, program director for Student Life and Leadership at Chico State, said a non-state-funded group of more than 100 local residents will head to Sacramento. She personally knows of at least a dozen people who are going to the march in Washington.

Looking at the promotion of these events, Wallmark said they have “evolved to be inclusive” and focus on issues that impact all people, not just women.

Donations for the local women’s march can be made through the North Valley Community Foundation (NVCF), http://tinyurl.com/z3fcxrc.

The NVCF provides umbrella nonprofit status to a variety of groups throughout the community. President Alexa Benson-Valavanis said her group doesn’t weigh in on individual causes, but encourages activism in general.

“I’ve been hearing from a lot of colleagues and clients,” who want to start new groups. Many people don’t realize “they can just walk in our doors and talk about what they want to do in the world and we can get behind them,” she said.

The community foundation structure can help “so they can do something about those feelings, whether optimistic or scared.”