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Muslims Believe in Gender Equality

With over one billion Muslims, the 2010 Pew Global Attitudes Survey interviewed about 1,000 in each of seven Islamic countries: Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Indonesia, Nigeria, Pakistan and Turkey. Large majorities of the Muslim respondents in these countries favor gender equality but women are more like to support it, as is true elsewhere: 84% of women said they believe women should have equal rights, compared to 65% of men.[i] The greatest support was in Lebanon and Turkey and the least in Nigeria (only 39%). The less they prayed the more they were supportive of equality. Shiites were more in favor of equal rights than Sunni Muslims. Overall, college educated young people, less religious people and women were more supportive of women being able to work outside the home, but in regard to the five questions, “Age had an extremely limited overall effect.’

[i] Saidat Ilo and Richard Seltzer, “Gender in the Midst of Change: Examining the rights of Muslim Women in Predominately Muslim Countries,” Journal of International Women’s Studies, Vol. 16, No. 2, January 2015, pp. 49-69.