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Girl Power

Girl as savior of the world is portrayed in the 2015 Disney film Tomorrowland, although I didn’t find reviews that emphasized this central theme. High school student Casey Newton is brilliant, brave and optimistic like Athena, a very human–like girl android (played by a 13-year-old) who recruits her to stop destruction of the earth. Casey’s NASA engineer father’s motto was, “If two wolves always fight, one is despair; the other is hope, which wins? The one you feed.” George Clooney’s character Frank realizes that Casey’s optimism is the key to victory because as a science geek she knows how things work and takes risks. Because the girls don’t accept the inevitability of destruction, they change the future. They in turn recruit young androids to find other dreamers and optimists to counter dystopian pessimists in their plan to prevent destruction of the world.