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Feminist Magazines for Girls

New Moon is a magazine edited by and for girls ages 8 to 14, since 1992.[i] Other magazines for teens include Rookie (online), Scarleteen, Shameless Magazine, and Teen Voices. Girl Talk magazine in the UK includes a Girl Talk Promise in each issue including “I will love myself the way I am,” and “I believe girls are equal to boys.” The magazine organized a feminist campaign for tweens called #Girls Are Amazing.[ii] Editors realized “the media for girls is rotten and we’re part of it,” referring to sexualized pop stars and makeover computer games that teach girls their main goal is to be attractive.

GirlZone is an advice blog, claiming to be one of the first and few independent websites for teen girls, launched in 1997.[iii] Scarleteen: Sex Ed for the Real World is a site for girls to get accurate information about sex, including a place to ask specific questions about relationships, sexuality, and gender issues.[iv] When she was 16, Juliette Brindak created a site called Miss O & Friends that attracts about 3.5 million unique monthly visitors. She now earns

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