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Brave: Young Women’s Global Revolution.

Two volumes: 1) Global Issues, 978-0-938795-58-2 and 2) Regional Activism, 978-0-938795-60-5.

Gayle Kimball, Ph.D.

Each volume is $29.99. Volume 1 is 400 pages. Volume 2 is 600 pages.


What makes Brave revolutionary is its global rather than regional reach and its rare inclusion of many young women’s actual voices from around the world. Brave explores young women’s global activism, based on hundreds of interviews—some videotaped and on YouTube, and over 4,000 surveys from 88 countries. The book includes popular cultural references and feminists’ critiques of the economic and political system. Volume 1 is about global issues and Volume 2 is about regional activism. Discussion questions and activities are included, along with extensive references for changemakers.

Volume 1 discusses: The Future is Female, Global Desire for Equality, Global Status of Young Women, Consumerism Targets “Girl Power,” and Global Media Both Helps and Inhibits Girls. Volume 2 includes chapters on the West, Development, Muslim Countries, Egypt, Latin America, Africa, India, China, and Russia.


Gayle Kimball, Ph.D., is the author or editor of 16 books and was the first Coordinator of Women’s Studies at CSUC. She blogs at https://globalyouthbook.wordpress.com/.


Incredible! Carmen Rios, Ms. Magazine editor


Finally, we hear the authentic voices of young women from around the globe. Listen–they are the future. Encompassing views from traditional to radical, Brave is a work unlike any other in the fields of women’s, youth, and global studies. Rigorously researched, and including input from young women everywhere, it is a work not to be ignored. Morgan Brynnan, MLS