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Harry Potter and Hunger Games fans fight inequality

The 1% concept permeated popular culture, as when the director and co-writer of a popular 2012 film, The Hunger Games, said of his film, “It’s not hard to see the 1 percent and the 99 percent in there. It’s not hard to see the excesses of wealth and the subjugation of the districts; while people are starving, wealthy capital dwellers induce vomiting so they can eat more delicious food. Hunger Games fans relaunched the “Odds in Our Favor” campaign against inequality first launched by the Harry Potter Alliance in 2013, asking fans to share their experiences on #MyHungerGames, post a photo making Katniss’ three-fingered salute and featuring community activists on #WeAreTheDistricts tumblr.[i] In Bangkok, Thai protesters against the military coup used the three-fingered salute that young rebels used to signal dissent in The Hunger Games. The military banned its use in political gatherings and pressured a cinema chain to cancel showing the film after anti-coup students planned to attend the opening of the third film in Hunger Games series in 2014.

[i] http://wearethedistricts.tumblr.com/