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Dalit Children Without Schools

These beautiful Dalit (formerly called Untouchable) children don’t have access to school as the children of migrant laborers in Punjab, India. The children in front of the computer, given by the Open Door Literacy Project, are orphans who also don’t go to school. Dalbir Singh does volunteer teaching for these children as he is university educated to be a teacher, as is his wife, Avneet Kaur. Help with supplies is appreciated!

Let’s campaign for girls’ literacy: Email the PM

I propose we pick an equality issue and all send an activist email once a month. We could start by joining Malala in advocating for girls’ education. Yemen and Pakistan have shocking illiteracy rates for girls. Let’s start with Pakistan because Yemen is war-torn, a failed state. In the process of writing a book about global girls’ activism, I’ve collected lots of information we can use and started a small Open Doors Literacy Program taught by university students in NW Pakistan. Our students told me government teachers often don’t come to school or villages only have schools for boys. Please join me in emailing Pakistan’s prime minister to ask that he increase government spending from less than 10% of the budget in order to get youth in good schools. The female literacy rate for youth in Pakistan is 61% compared to 79% for males.



Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif