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Sunrise Movement for the Green New Deal, Interview with Jeremy Ornstein, 18

My short interview with Jeremy Ornstein, 18, Sunrise organizer, is on my YouTube channel https://youtu.be/BqAHg4i7kmo, along with other young activists (and visionary scientists). He was in Chico, CA, for a series of Sunrise tours to influence the presidential debates to include climate change policy and for politicians to sign a pledge to support the Green New Deal. Sunrise provides a guide to having political influence at http://www.sunrisemovent.org/gnd. They’re also organizing Sunrise Semester for 300 students to work on the 2020 election from January to November 2020.

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Sunrise Movement Green New Deal conference call

Sunrise Movement Green New Deal Conference Call Notes by Gayle Kimball on February 5, 2019



Aru Shiney-Ajay—training director at Sunrise. Heard about it when she was a freshman in college. 30 meeting June 2017 first training. Now thousands. June 2017 founded by 12 young people who realized the climate crisis was looming over them. We know solutions are out there, Green Deal popularity. Fossil fuel and corrupt politics decade long strategy of denial. Billionaire climate change denier in highest position. No hope under the current government.. We had to build enormous political power. Building power, people power. Political power. Our theory of change: in order to win, we need people power—an active base of public support and political power–a critical mass of enthusiastically supportive public officials.

Sign up on  bit.ly/gndblitz

Jeremy Ornstein age 18,  got over 1,000 candidates to stop taking money from fossil fuel, movement exploded after sitting in in Nancy Pelosi’s office. Stop climate change and create jobs. Hubs around the US, and Canada. Problem was no green deal to fight for, Senator Markey and Rep. AOC are introducing a 10-year plan to movable clean and renewable energy by 2030, jobs for all who need them,

It’s a resolution, not a bill. Want to methane from cows, etc. but hard to eliminate. 1)need transition out  fossil fuels. 2) plant trees and get rid of greenhouse emissions. Litmus test for candidates I line with science and justice. Tweet, call, show up and go to their offices. February 11-13, office visits: February 26: day of action to get reps to commit, the deadline. 404 people signed up on the call. Create a political earthquake, show the power of organized young people. Have an action guide and helpers. 15 city star-studded tour to teach how to pressure poltiicans. anger and hope of our generation. 2 dozen leadership trainings about grassroot campaigns.1000s will go to Democratic debates want over 10,000 of us back the Green New Deal. #ChangeTheDebate.

Facebook video.

Naomi Klein. This Change Everything. Working on climate justice movement since Katrina. Racial, gender, injustice. A critical mass of lawmakers was missing, complicated cap and trade schemes, approved oil pipelines, oil leases, then we got Trump. Like the first New Deal.  CCC, etc. Was the result of struggle. The Green New Deal is a package, about social movements. The alternative is unthinkable.

From Sunrise email: You just tuned into our biggest coordinated event yet to launch our campaign for a Green New Deal. Over 5,000 people tuned in across the country, and we already have 500 events on the map for people to visit their reps to support a Green New Deal across the country on February 11-13th.

If you’re itching to take action and can’t wait till morning, you can sign up to visit your Senators’ and Representative’s offices here: http://bit.ly/gndblitz

Find our action guide with everything you need to know here: http://bit.ly/gndblitzguide

Wanna watch again or share with your friends? Recording of the livestream can be found here.