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Latin American Youth Issues

Latin American youth activists meet under the umbrella of groups like the School of the America’s Watch (it was formed in 1990 to close the US Army School of the Americas and change US policy and military bases in Latin America). It brought together youth from 18 countries in the Encuentro in Venezuela in 2015. Its theme was “Rooted in Resistance, Sowing Sovereignty.” Their goal is to build a new world, community by community, a sovereign continent, “free of imperialism, capitalism, violence, injustice, exploitation, oppression, discrimination, racism, and patriarchy.” Their specific struggles revolve around protecting their land from extraction industries, searching for disappeared family matters, prosecuting officials who violate human rights, preventing criminalization of social movement leaders, fighting for indigenous rights and against militarization, as well as deportations on the border and food sovereignty.
“33 Young Leaders From Across the Americas Gather in Venezuela,” SOA Watch, December 2015.