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Millennial Employees Value Relationships

What claims to be the largest global generation study of Millennial employees under age 33 reviewed over 9,000 surveys of Milliennial employees, plus 300 interviews and 30 focus groups, in 2011 and 2012. The PwC network of professional services provides tax, assurance and advisory services. By 2016 almost 80% of PwC employees were Millennials and administration was worried about low retention for that age group. Their findings back up my observation they’re the Relationship Generation. They’re more likely to leave “if their needs for support, appreciation and flexibility are not met.” What’s important to young workers is time to develop their personal lives—especially employees in developed countries, flexibility and leverage of technology and social media at work, interesting team work and emotional connection at work. Frequent feedback and support from managers is more important than salary. Millennials like having possibility of assignments in another country due to being “particularly attuned to the world around them,” and corporate social responsibility programs that match their values and appreciate input into important issues more often than older generations.

Dennis Finn and Anne Donovan, “PwC’s NextGen: A Global Generational Study”, 2013


Engaging and Empowering Millennials