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Anti-Poverty Program Led by 27-year-old Mayor, Stockton, CA

A current urban poverty program is underway in Stockton, California, where the 27-year-old mayor, Michael Tubbs, started a universal basic income pilot program. One hundred residents receive $500 a month checks for up to 18 months, funded by the Economic Security Project. Tubbs said, “My hope is that it will create such a buzz at the state and national level we’d have to have a conversation about expanding it to everyone, no matter what city they live in.”[i] He was raised in poverty by a single African American mother but earned a scholarship to Stanford University. Tubbs also backs the Advance Peace program that provides mentors and stipends to rehabilitate violent criminals and organized an NGO called Reinvent Stockton Foundation.

[i] Alex Langone, “Why This 27-Year-Old Mayor is Giving His City’s Poorest Residents $500 a Month,’ TIME Money, April 17, 2018.


Half of US college students lack food security

About half of all US college students lack food security, with students of color, first generation students, former foster youth, and LGBT students most at risk.[i]

[i] “Hunger on Campus,” National Student Campaign Against Hunger and Homelessness, October 2016.