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South African Teens Against Gun Violence


Every week a group of bubbly South African teens crowd into a studio to play hip-hop music and trade views on neighbourhood gun crime for their community radio show.

For them, these are not remote topics. The stories they discuss are devastatingly close to home for the young broadcasters — one reporter’s father was shot dead on her birthday, while another is the daughter of a reformed gun-wielding criminal.

The 20-odd teenagers who host Alex FM’s weekly “Bigger Than Life” radio show are determined to help stem the violence that touches so many lives in their densely populated and crime-ridden Johannesburg township of Alexandra.

“I can assure you that every single child of Alexandra can be a living testament … every night, from Friday to Sunday, or even sometimes on weekdays, we always hear gunshots — it is like an always thing,” 16-year-old radio host Jennifer Ngobeni told AFP.

South African Student Peace Leader

Student Justice Sambo from South Africa has a message for you.
” ……The Global Youth Peace Summit held in California and Kenya (Oct 2016) awakened a leader in me, and I knew from that moment that I have to take on a role and do something positive for the world. At a time when wars, conflicts, hate and segregation has become a norm for us all, someone has to stand up and speak the truth, and spread love and positivity. I took on that role and aspire to reach and touch many souls deeply. The Amala Foundation from Austin Texas made it all possible for me to exercise that role by giving me the space to flourish, they played a huge role through their guidance and mentoring me to be the person I am today.

The Amala Foundation is entrusting me and two others (Naomi from Kenya and Aline from Malawai) with this role, the role to take on the Global Youth Peace Summit to African Countries, and I need the help of the community to entrust me with their belief and support. In order to achieve all this, I need to raise funds to attend the California Global Youth Peace Summit in June of 2017 to learn to facilitate with Vanessa, the founder of the Amala Foundation, and also attend the Ojai International Council training in Southern California. I will also be visiting Chico, CA to spend some time with the community.

 Every cent donated towards this will be appreciated and will help towards getting the Africa Global Youth Peace Summit a success.
Any donation by any currency will automatically be translated to the USD.  Please click on the link below to learn more and to give your donation by May 15. “
Thank you so much,

Warm Love,

 Justice Sambo

South African Students Stop Tuition Increases

In the largest Born Free student demonstrations since apartheid ended in 1994, in October following the Rhodes demonstration, young men threw rocks after a week of student demonstrations of both black and white against proposed hikes in university fees. The police reacted with stun grenades, rubber bullets and water cannons. A BBC news report showed a young woman trying to stop the violence to no avail. The #FeesMustFall campaign closed some of the major universities and rallied large crowds at parliament in Cape Town in the capital, Pretoria. They won when President Zuma agreed to no increase in university fees in 2016. A BBC TV reporter said youth delivered “a potent new message” because the ANC or other political parties didn’t participated in the grassroots protest.