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Sunrise Movement hiring organizers to be state directors

As 2020 approaches, we’re building a clear plan to get a new wave of Green New Deal champions into office next year. Today, we’re announcing the first step of that plan:

We’re launching a ten-state field program to elect Green New Deal champions in 2020. In Wisconsin, Michigan, Montana, California, Maine, Georgia, Iowa, New Hampshire, and Colorado, State Directors will lead teams of organizers in campaigns to replace establishment Democrats and vulnerable Republicans with Green New Deal champions in swing districts up and down the ballot.

We’re currently looking for skilled organizers to hire as Sunrise State Directors in Wisconsin, Michigan, Montana, California, Georgia and Maine. Interested? Apply now. Know someone who could make a good candidate? Forward them this application.

In 2020, young people will be the largest bloc of eligible voters in the US.1 That means our generation’s votes will be decisive next year in elections across the country.

Sunrise Movement is Hiring

hat’s right, we’re hiring, and we want you to take a look at our four job descriptions, for a Digital Director, a Team Support and Culture Director, a Finance & Operations Director, and a Green New Deal Coalition Coordinator.

After you do:

  1. Apply for them if you think you could be a good fit, or
  2. Share them with your networks to help us find the best candidates.

Every one of our Sunrise staff support hundreds of young people to volunteer and go all in to keep the Green New Deal relevant in 2019. The new Digital Director, for example, will bring thousands of new people into Sunrise by creating exciting content and signing people up online.

Since April, over 200 people have started monthly recurring gifts that will help us cover at least one staff salary throughout the course of the year.