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US Teens’ Most Popular Social Media

“A Teenager’s View on Social Media,” written by Andrew Watts, a 19-year-old male student at the University of Texas at Austin reported that Facebook was cool in middle school, but not any more, but people use it because it’s so functional. Instagram is the most popular social media where his peers actually post. It “hasn’t been flooded with the older generation yet,” so It’s cool. They don’t see the point of Twitter and Snapchat is becoming the most used, especially “My Story.” Yik Yak is also becoming more popular. It doesn’t include followers or profiles, just content of a post. He said people use during class to talk about that class. It only applies to a 10-mile radius around the use. Medium is used by bloggers like him.

Andrew Watts, “A Teenager’s View on Social Media,” Medium.com, January 2, 2015.