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Trump calls youth protesters thugs

Victoria Kaplan reported on youth protests against Donald Trump in a MoveOn.org email 3-12-16, “Without consulting local police, Donald Trump abruptly cancelled a rally in Chicago in the face of massive and overwhelmingly peaceful student-led protests. Then he blamed MoveOn members for his decision, telling Fox News we must have “staged” the protests and that MoveOn is “not a good group of people.” This morning, he called protestors “thugs.” People for Bernie — an offshoot of the Occupy Wall Street movement — sent a tweet warning that even bigger battles may be ahead.
Trump said in St. Louis there was an upside to getting heckled.
“Can I be honest with you? It adds to the flavor,” he told his cheering supporters. “It really does. It makes it more exciting. I mean, isn’t this better than listening to a long boring speech?”
Micahel Finnegan, “Donald Trump has a History of Endorsing Violence Against Protesters, Los Angeles Times, March 11, 2016.