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Teens organize Zero Hour environmental activist group

Zero Hour was organized in 2018 by teenagers led by Jamie Margolin, age 16, who lives in Washington.[i] She was inspired by the Women’s March of 2017 and by the Disney film Finding Nemo to be like the fish called Dory and just keep on without guidance about how to raise money and mobilize people. However, her group assembled a large coalition of support groups including the Sierra Club and 350.org. She said she has always thought of her future in “ifs” as in “if climate change hasn’t destroyed this…” Her tactic is to publicize the stories of people most affected by environmental problems such as the members of the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation or the Marshall Islands. Like the Never Again student leaders in Florida, she is confident, predicting, “We’re going to change history.” Also like the Florida students, the team of organizers think of themselves as a family and don’t count on adults to take corrective action.

[i] http://thisiszerohour.org/who-we-are/